Ertugrul Has All The Parents Hooked & Their Kids Have A Lot To Say!

Turkish series based on Ertugrul Gazi has taken the Pakistanis by storm and people from all ages are addicted, be it our parents, grand parents, cousins, or kids, everyone’s hooked onto it!

And to make sure our parents had a good time during quarantine, many of us introduced our parents to the series, but what we didn’t know was how obsessed they were going to get, hear it from the internet!

Girl, same!

Haha, you bet!

Love it when parents actually beat their kids to it, lol!

Haha, must have been fun to parent your parents!

We feel ya!

Chances are, his friends might have already told him:


Living for your grandma!


It’s just that addictive!

Table talk, everyday, for about a month now!

That’s the spirit!

That’s every dad in the country right now!

Paaye and Erutgrul together are a mood!


The betrayal!

Haha, all attempts to leave Ertugrul behind in vain:

How obsessed are your parents with the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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