Javed Afridi Suggests Engin Altan Düzyatan as Brand Ambassador of Peshawar Zalmi & Pakistanis Are Going Crazy!

Jumping on the Ertugrul bandwagon, Peshawar Zalmi’s Chairman, Javed Afridi has fans excited as he hints a little something about Ertugrul Gazi actor, Engin Altan Düzyatan, being the ambassador for Peshawar Zalmi in the next PSL season!

The tweet spread like fire and all the Ertugrul fans are way too excited!

Some even imagined him in a PZ jersey!

Pakistaniyon ke liye toh wohi Ertugrul hai!

Some were suggesting Halima Sultan:

People were already determined to attend:

Low- keyjealous by the move, Lahoris wanted Saad ud Din Kopek to represent them!

Islamabadis didn’t mind settling for Turgut:

Warm welcomes were already pouring in!

It had people changing their city loyalties already!

Haha, just do it!

People were in disbelief!

Jo baat hai!

Some were excited but also prepared for the heart break, just in case it doesn’t happen!

Trophy abhi se Peshawar ki hui!

Salman Iqbal, please?

Hahaha, you never know!

Some were convinced the deal’s been sealed!

Will? This tweet already has everyone supporting PZ!


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