Pakistani Kids Recreating The Action Sequence From Ertugrul Ghazi Goes Viral!

Ever since the Turkish series Ertugrul Ghazi aired in Pakistan, Pakistanis have fallen in love with it and they’ve been expressing their love by recreating their favourite scenes from the series, but we think this recreation beats them all!

And we’re not the only ones who adore this video, the internet agrees with us!

People were praising the kids:

Parents were sharing how their lids love practising their favourite action sequence:

Haha, kids!

Baat toh sach hai:


People thought this is how one builds a nation:

People were loving it!

Many were taken back to their childhood days:


Kids are growing up seeing real heroes!

People could see the love there children had for their heroes:

People couldn’t get enough of it!

People were sharing videos of their own kids in the comments:

People were grateful for the series being made:

People were happy with the content:

Some however, were not too keen:

What do you think about this video? Let us know in the comments below!

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