Pakistanis Are Obsessed With Erturgrul, Here’s Proof!

Ertugrul has taken Pakistan by storm ever since it aired on national television and people are so obsessed with the show that they’ve started making things on Ertugrul, trust us, there’s an Ertugrul solution to all your problems!

Feeling hungry? Craving some snacks? You’ve got Ertugrul chips!

And just in case Ertugrul chips weren’t enough to convince you, we’ve got ‘Halima Ke Haathon Ke Banay Paapar:’

Craving something sweet? Ertugrul rabri doodh is here to save the day!

Have problems with your electrical appliances? You can definitely count on Ertugrul Electric Store:

Want some BBQ? Try Ertugrul BBQ!

Nasha toot raha hai? Pssst, here’s some Ertugrul naswar 😂

Bike’s feeling a little meh? Welcome to Ertugrul Service Station!

Need motivation to get moving? Here’s how!

Does your car need a makeover? Ertugrul to the rescue!

You think your kids are lazing around? Put them to work!

All caught up with the series and are bored? Read the comments under the cast’s personal pictures and hit your head!

With so much of Ertugrul everywhere, people were guessing what might be next!

Haha, excited for the salon 😂

Ideas hi ideas!

We reckon it’s a little too late for that 😂

What do you think about this nation’s take on all things Ertugrul? Let us know in the comments below!

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