Hareem Shah Wants To Play Halime Sultan And People Are Losing It!

Turkish based series Dirilis Ertugrul has gathered a cult following in Pakistan and they just can’t get enough of it, from celebrities to locals, everyone’s in love!

In an interview earlier, Hareem Shah too revealed that she’s a fan of the show and especially Esra Bilgiç who plays Halime Sultan in the series. Hareem then shared, “If I am offered to play the role like Halime Sultan, I will definitely accept it.” She further added, “The role of Halime Sultan is very difficult, but I will do so as it will increase the knowledge of our history.”

And as the word got out, twitterati did not receive it well!

People were not amused:


Even better!


Realistic and achievable, we like it!

Some had alternate roles for her:

Hmm, ap batayein?

We wouldn’t go that far:

People couldn’t help but wonder who’ll play Ertugrul:

Hazaar khwahishein aisi…

Pait subse aagay:

Some pointed out that we don’t judge her on her past:

Some agreed how its good to have goals:


Some had the weirdest conspiracy theories:

What do you think about Hareem Shah’s wish to play a character like Halime Sultan? Is this her way of announcing that she’s ready to step into acting? Let us know in the comments below!

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