Shaan Praises Ertugrul After Watching It On Netflix & People Are Calling It A U-Turn!

Ever since PTV started airing Dirilis Ertugrul, Shaan has been against it and made strong statements that PTV should broadcast local dramas and films instead of Turkish ones.

However, things took a turn when Shaan tweeted how he loved watching Ertugrul on Netflix and called it a masterpiece:

And people had a lot to say!

Many thought this was a ‘software update’ scenario:

Fans admitted how they were hurt when Shaan spoke against the Turkish series being telecasted on PTV:

It seemed like a U-turn to some:

But Shaan clarified that he watched the series on Netflix and not PTV:

Some were speculating how this could be because of a collab with Turkey:

Some were happy:

People had high expectations:

Some were confused!

Some were calling him out on having double standards:

Some agreed that people should be allowed to have a change of mind:

Some weren’t too happy:

Some thought he was trying to be sarcastic:

Some thought he was trying to get into the ‘good books:’

Some thought he was hacked!

What do you think about Shaan’s change of mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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