People “Think” They’ve Downloaded The Wrong Ertugrul & We’re In Fits!

Jumping on the Ertugrul-watching bandwagon, people have been trying to find the series everywhere, from Netflix to YouTube!

And while downloading the series, some might have come across the funniest “adaptations” that’ll have you in fits!

Uhhhh, yeah:

Download kahan se kiya yeh batao!

We’re intrigued to watch this now:

Yeh toh hoga:

The intro we all missed:


Yeh konsa Ertugrul hai bhai?

The struggle for Azaadi!

Now that’s one heck of an action sequence!

The episode and intro we were not expecting:

Bhai bhai bhai bhai:

What website did you download it from?

We don’t even know what to say at this point 😂

Pretty sure you have:


Most definitely yes!

I think we’ve seen enough today:

Some were done with the Ertugrul variants 😂

What variant had you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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