#BhaeeHazirHai and the awaam just proved that woh bhi hazir hain!

Ali Zafar has always been a crowd pleaser, with fans who have stood with him through thick and thin, and after a ton of requests Ali Zafar is finally giving us a PSL anthem that we’ll remember because #BhaeeHazirHai, but it’s not just bhaee jo hazir hai, the awaam also proved ke woh bhi haazir hain!

For the video of his anthem, Ali asked his fans to send in their dance moves and honestly the response blew us away!

People from all around the world were sending in their videos:

Bhaee hazir hai quickly became a mantra for many, including us 😂

So much so that Ali might be looking at a new career:

Students from Beaconhouse showed some great moves:


Throughout the submissions, Ali kept sharing his favourite ones:

Bahria University bhi hazir hai:

Some took the bhaee hazir hai game a bit too seriously:

Lekin bhaee waqayi hazir the:

The energy bhaee needed:

Kinnaird college didn’t disappoint either!

Ali also took to Twitter to get feedback from the awaam:


From solo submissions to group submissions, the awaam was hazir in every way:

Even the little ones were hazir!

Ali became an inspiration for many:

Haha, tiktokers about to get their new groove:

Nahi bhi ata toh bhaee hazir hain:

There were many jo hazir toh the but their dancing skills were nowhere near hazir:

People were thanking Waseem Badami for the little stir up that had us getting our anthem:

And many were lauding Ali Zafar for his efforts:

Bhaee intent ki qadar kerte hain:

There was love from Sharjah:

Probably the only thing bhaee can’t do anything about:

Dil behlaanay ke liye khayal acha hai Ghalib:

After so much anticipation ab toh hum bhi impatient ho rahay hain, Bhai, anthem hazir kar bhi dein!

Are you excited for the new PSL anthem? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Ali Zafar is really such a great actor and singer .. I really really enjoying his campain . Wish u all the best dear

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