Ali Zafar shares Meesha’s case dismissal documents, Ayesha Fazli gives a piece of her mind

Singer, songwriter, model, actor, producer, screenwriter and painter Ali Zafar said he was targeted through an organised plan for personal gains. Speaking to the media outside a sessions court in Lahore said, “I am truthful and those who are honest appear without being called.”

“There was a social media campaign against me and I have taken this up with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA),” the singer said. He further added, “Meesha’s lawyer has been following and retweeting fake accounts. Those who accused me leveled the allegations for personal gains and then went to Canada. The truth is that I was targeted through an organised plan for personal gains.”

The singer posed the full link to his talk with media in a tweet which gathered quite the attention.

The singer added that he filed a contempt case against Shafi a year ago. “Meesha’s case was dismissed as was her appeal, my case is that of compensation, it has been a year and our witnesses have appeared eight times. The case should be decided fast so my truth and their lie can be revealed.”

He then went on to say, “I can’t believe that anyone can come forward and accuse someone who’s innocent and decent, has worked hard for over two decades – solely on social media. Those who accused me levelled the allegations for personal gains and then went to Canada. The truth is that I was targeted for personal gains. I don’t know whether by doing this she wanted to become another Malala and get fame abroad.”

Ali Zafar then took another dig at Meesha Shafi by posting this tweet on Twitter:

And while Meesha Shafi hasn’t directly replied or commented on the situation, she did quote a tweet in response to say that she was born in the lap of fame and didn’t need it:

Ali Zafar then, attached a copy of Meesha’s case dismissal document saying that he’s going to expose the most heinous social media campaign against him:

Ali Zafar’s wife Ayesha Fazli too took it to twitter to express how the accusation affected her and her family:

The whole situation has had the internet terribly divided, some think that Ali Zafar is innocent until proven guilty and some think that Meesha has misused the #MeToo movement.

As the media talks were aired, fans and supporters of Meesha Shafi quickly came forward to address the situation:

And Ali Zafar’s supporters too came forward to support him.

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