Meesha Shafi’s team responds to Ali Zafar’s emotional appearance on television

Ali Zafar

After creating a plethora of controversy in the past one year, the seemingly never-ending clash between Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar continues. In the latest developments, it’s the two coming head to head after the latter took to television to plead his innocence.

In his television stint with a local private channel, the Teefa in Trouble actor claimed that he has suffered insufferable losses and psychological trauma because of the case against him by the Pepsi Battle of the Bands judge. He went on to further state that if ‘Meesha takes one step, he’d take ten forward.’

Adding to his tirade, the actor also claimed that Meesha’s lawyer – human rights activist, Nighat Dad, has used ‘derogatory’ language against him.

“The language used by her [Shafi’s] lawyer for me, is that the language used by a lawyer?” Ali told the channel. “She claims to be a human rights activist, but does anyone say that about someone’s family?”

The video, which since then has gone on to become viral and gain traction from Zafar’s supporters, has now been countered by both Meesha and Dad, who have officially released a statement against the singer as well as appeared on a private television channel to speak their side of the story.

“Ali Zafar, in an attempt to silence Meesha Shafi filed a defamation suit against her. However, the best defense to defamation is the truth and as Meesha Shafi has never spoken a false word against Ali Zafar, she cannot be held guilty for any defamation by any court,” the statement read.


The statement comes after Zafar had spoken outside of Lahore High Court last week, where he compared Meesha to Malala on the basis of getting international citizenship.

In response, the statement further read that ‘attacks’ against Meesha Shafi and other survivors are being ‘perpetrated to silence the issue of sexual harassment.’ Dar’s statement has also suggested a public apology as an option now that Ali Zafar has started ‘to face consequences of his actions.’

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