Ali Zafar Had An #AskAZ Session On Twitter & Here Are Our Favourite Answers!

If there’s one man who can be called the master of all trades in Pakistan, it’s Ali Zafar, from modelling to painting to acting, directing, writing, singing, you name it and Ali’s done it! And today he’s letting you in on much more that you probably didn’t know about him.

Taking to his twitter account, Ali Zafar asked his fans to type away their questions under the hashtag #AskAZ and in no time, the hashtag made a top trend in Pakistan and people had all sorts of things to ask:


Take notes, everyone!


The secret to staying motivated in quarantine is out!


He wants you to claim the Pakistan you think you deserve, and it’s the sanest advice we’ve heard today!


He loves listening to NFAK and Mehdi Hassan:


Bhai haazir toh hai, but not for politics:


Shaadi kab kareinge?


He’s worried about people not taking the corona situation seriously:


If not a singer, he would have been a cricketer or a professor, interesting!


He believes in healthy debates over heated arguments:


What’s he reading these days?


It’s hard to pick favourites for him:


He turns to comical relief when he’s upset!


Biryani is life, and for life!


The real BTS for Rockstar you might have missed!


He thinks there’s hope for India and Pakistan:




He might have thought about playing the character of an Islamic warrior, might even have a look in mind 👀


Expect a new music video once things settle down:


What answers did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below!




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