This Bangali Baba has ‘shartiya ilaaj’ for Coronavirus and people think it’s hilarious!

Literally 2 days in after the news of Coronavirus cases reported in the country, our very own aamil bangali babas have discovered the cure for Coronavirus that the rest of the world is busy doing countless studies on!

A wall advert that guarantees the cure to Coronavirus, courtesy of Baba Asad Bangali, has been breaking the internet today!

And the internet is shook!

Well, well, well:

Hahaha, aur hum bhi:

Something all the social media managers can learn from:

Who wants pasand ki shadi now that the cure for Corona is here:

Kuch nai ho sakta iss awaam ka!

Such a fitting proverb:

Looks like Baba Asad Bangali has some tough competition:

Fikar na faaqa, aish kar kaka:

People were tagging Iqrar ul Hassan to put the cure to test:

Urdu mei bhi typos ho saktay hain yar:

I guess priorities change:

Someone named Corona virus on Twitter challenged the cure:

People just couldn’t believe it:

Some were thankful for the groundbreaking discovery:

People were actually expecting this:

Some were mad at the vandalism:

Some were not amused:

What do you think about this advert? Let us know in the comments below!

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