Ranjha Ranjha Kerdi’s ending leaves the audience emotional

ranjha ranjha kerdi

Ranjha Ranjha Kerdi, one of the finest dramas in the country came to an end and it has left the audience feeling all sorts of way. Imran Ashraf who has won millions of heart with his character ‘Bhola’ shared the final good bye and thanked the audience for the love and support they gave him.

As soon as the last episode was aired, the audience was really emotional! The hashtag #RanjhaRanjhaKerdi was trending on number 1 at twitter as fans were (and are) all high praise for the drama.

I swear!

Agreed, a serial that’ll be remembered for decades!

Fans were delighted that they serial got the happy ending it deserved:

We agree, no one will ever be able to create the magic that Imran Ashraf did with Bhola:


Me neither:

Yes, everything was just perfect!

Even we think there’s no one like Bhola:

Can we please give an Oscar to. Imran Ashraf already?


Hey, who can hate Iqra Aziz?

A performance so powerful, we’re moved!

The bar has been set really high!

Yes, thank you!

They all deserve the love they’ve been getting:

The drama was sheer perfection!

The drama is here to stay!

Couldn’t have said it better:

The entire drama has our heart!

Yessss, the real winner!

I’m sure it will, a big one!

Literally, no one like Bhola!

With that being said, we’re utterly sad that we won’t get to see any more of Bhola and Noori. The drama gave us everything, from iconic memes to awareness about mental health and marital rape: issues that are not widely talked about. We hope to see more dramas like Ranjha Ranjha Kerdi.

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