Raqs-e-Bismil Comes To An End Leaving Fans In Happy Tears!

Raqs-e-Bismil had us hooked since its very first episode and throughout the journey, the drama had us on a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes weeping for Moosa and sometimes for Zohra, but the story came to a full circle last night as the blockbuster aired its last episode, which was an absolute treat for fans!


The drama became the talk of social media as multiple hashtags made to top trends on Twitter, from #RaqseBismil to #SarahKhan to #ImranAshraf to #Zohra and #Moosa. The last episode left the audience in awe!

This was literally all of us!

Ours too 🥺

People were already missing Moosa:

People were sharing how the story will be remembered forever!

They sure did!

As if we could believe it!

The reunion we all were waiting for!

It sure will:

Haye, our hearts!



People were thanking HUMTV for giving them Raqs-e-Bismil:

People were lauding Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan for their brilliant acting:

People were calling it the best ending and we agree!

Jo baat hai!

Fans were sharing how they shed happy tears for the two:


Moosa deserves the world!

People were calling it the drama of the year:

Viewership numbers were off the charts!

How did you like the last episode of Raqs e Bismil? Let us know in the comments below!

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