Mooroo just made a joke about child molestation and it’s anything but funny!


Just when you thought there are woke minds to support, they end up disappointing you. The latest to do so is the much-loved vlogger, Mooroo.

The vlogger who is currently on a family vacation was making his routine Instagram stories. However, he went a step beyond and transgressed the boundaries of humour on social media by joking about being a child molester in a recent Instagram video.



In the said video, Mooroo, who is known for his wit and humour, engaged in a conversation with a spider present in his room.

The conversation was supposed to be taken ‘light-heartedly’, we get it. But then he used the word child molester to make a pun. “If you (spider) crawl in my mouth and reproduce, I will eat your children up. Mein tou hun hi child molester (I am a child molester anyway),” he says in the video.

Since the video became viral, social media has lit up with people expressing their disappointment.

People think he also has lost the plot.

Mooroo canceled

People think his social media personality doesn’t reflect the real him.

he’s better than this some said…

Not Mooroo, others lamented.

People asked for an explanation and an apology…



Not surprised.

Mooroo has since then released a subsequent video, but it has only riled up things.


There’s a fine line between humour and plain bad taste, many believed.

People’s disappointment was truly unmeasurable.

Others, just hope he apologises for this.

Can one ignore this ignorance?

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