Raqeeb Se’s Ending Sparks Bittersweet Reactions on Social Media

Things come to a full circle in Raqeeb Se as it aired its last episode last night and it was nothing less than a roller coaster of emotions for the audience. With Insha and Ameera sharing the same fate as their mothers, the two decide to break the chains and move forward in their life rather than obsessing over their tragedies.

Needless to say, the bittersweet ending left a void in our heart and a tear in our eyes, here’s what fans have to say about it!


All hail to Bee Gul and Kashif Nazir:

People were in love with the journey of the 4 women:

People were left speechless!

Jo baat hai!

People were lauding Bee Gul for her genius writing!

People loved how great of an actor Hadiqa Kiyani turned out to be:

The drama even had fans from across the border:

People couldn’t help but feel like they were watching a classic from the 90s:




People were also lauding Iqra Aziz who breathed life into Ameera:

Kashif’s murder left everyone heartbroken!

The woman that Ameera grew up to be ❤


People were loving the realness of the plot:

People wanted to see more dramas like Raqeeb Se:

People were calling it ‘poetry in motion,’ and we agree!

10/10 can relate!




Us too 😭

People were in love with Faryal’s portrayal of Insha:

People were calling it a masterpiece!

Us too!


Living for their growth!

And the audience:

What did you think of the drama? Let us know in the comments below!

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