#KhudaAurMobabbat3 Begins With A Bang!

One of the most anticipated dramas of the year, Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3, finally aired its first episode today.

Featuring Feroze Khan as Farhad and Iqra Aziz as Mahi, the episode began with a bang as fans took to social media to share every scene, making the drama a top trend on twitter:

And people have fallen in love with the drama already!

People were living for the OST:

People were living for the cinematography:


Mahi ki personality hi aisi hai:

People were loving Farhad!

Hahaha 😂

People were living for Mahi and Farhad:

People were lauding the direction:

Everyone could relate to Farhad’s mother:

Hahaha, her backbencher ki kahani:

People were excited for the season:

People were loving Iqra Aziz acting as Mahi:

People were already feeling sad for our chirpy Farhad:


People were impressed by the cast:

Us too 😭

Fans were in love with the drama already:

Even those who weren’t watching the drama knew that everyone else was watching it:

People had high expectations:

People loved the first episode:

How did you guys like the first episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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