People are loving Bushra Aamir’s Ramzan transmission, but Aamir Liaquat ain’t coming slow either

Aamir Liaquat’s first wife Bushra Aamir has been hosting a special Ramzan transmission on HUM TV and PTV, she had always been an active part of what went behind the scenes during Aamir Liaquat’s transmissions and is a PhD scholar in Islamic Studies. One of her greatest and proudest supported happens to be her daughter Dua who shared how her mother has emerged a much stronger woman after all the hardships they’ve faced recently.

And honestly, we stan a daughter rooting for her mother!

Her appearance as a host was loved by the audience and there have been praises pouring in from every direction! Some love how graceful and eloquently she carries herself and some are applauding her for moving on with her life, so basically, Bushra is the very talk of town and has clearly stolen the limelight away from Aamir Liaquat this year.

But guess who couldn’t live with all the attention being focused on Bushra? Aamir Liaquat Hussain! The king of inappropriateness, only recently one of his videos from the transmission went viral where he was seen narrating a vulgar story which you can check for yourself:

Moreover, he also shared a fan made meme of him and his second wife Tuba which hinted that people have been really jealous of the couple and their appearance together!

But people on the internet made it very clear that who was winning the Ramzan Transmission game, and it was clearly Bushra Aamir:

Some pointed out how sharing a meme like this was immature

Some couldn’t stop praising Bushra

Some expressed their disappointment

Some pointed out how he should treat both his wives equally

And some couldn’t stop comparing the two!

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  1. Aik din isay andaza hoga isny kitna galat kia apny bachoun k sath…whatever is anyhow his first wife is soooooooo decent lady and she knows how to respect others ….but this men in every show he started to taunting on her first wife what the he’ll is this….

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