Aamir Liaquat’s daughter and his wife Tuba just can’t stop throwing shade at each other!

aamir liaquat

Aamir Liaquat is the undisputed king of controversies. Recently, he has been away to perform Umrah with his second wife Tuba Aamir and both have been keeping their fans updated through social media





And while their fans congratulated them, Aamir’s daughter sent a very angry sub-tweet to Tuba:


In her tweet, Dua mentions how Tuba who had broken their family will never be forgiven for her sins. She also mentions people who have wronged their own, hinting towards her dad. Her tweet got a lot of support from her followers:


Many mentioned how her mother Bushra has emerged a stronger woman after the incident


A few tried explaining how her father was equally responsible for breaking their home:


Majority of the people tried telling her to be patient and not discuss family matters on social media:


Some tried telling her that she is too young to be talking about these matters:


Some suggested that she forgives them


But Tuba too made a shady tweet, in response to Dua’s tweet, saying that “you just don’t go to Makkah and Madina but are called there by Allah” and that “there’s a reason Allah is the judge and not humans”


Aamir Liaquat too joined in as he quoted Tuba’s tweet and told her he was proud of her:


And while Aamir Liaquat tried saving her, both Aamir and Tuba faced tons of backlash for picking a fight with a kid:


People were furious at Aamir for picking sides:



People also reminded Tuba how corrupt politicians too go for an Umrah very often but don’t take guidance


Some of her fans were disgusted by her immature behavior


People were appalled at her behavior


Needless to say, she made the people really angry:


Many criticized her on her logic and said it’s the money that takes you places:




What do you think about this situation, should the Aamir Liaquat family wash their dirty linen in public? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Being a muslim we have faith In Allah . Hr faisla Allah ki trf say hota hai . Joray asman mai bnty hain. Agar aik insan ki kismat mai aik say zeada shadian hain to vo hon ge. Reasons b Allah e bnata hai aur rasty b. Nobody can judge. Husband wife ka jitna sath aik sath likha ho us sy zeada vo sath nae reh skty. Sirf bachon ka rishta khtam nae hota.
    Aur aik baat hr insan ny apny amal ka hisab Allah ko daina hai insano ko nae.

  2. shame on u mr. amit liaquat… ome more thing bold hoty hoty clean bold hogaye hain aap… bht over bolty hain logon ka mazak uraty hain or sb say bari bat ye k khud ko alim smjhty hain… tw baat sun lain ap jaisa insan ktna hi taleem hasil krlay wo jahil hi rhta hai… or jo bnda apni beti jaisi naimat ko is trha insult krwaye through second so called wife ussy zada neech insan koe nhi hoskta…

  3. for a man 4 marriages r allowed in lslam but it DOESN’T mean that the man can be so partial n unjust to former wife n his childern from her. a big SHAME to all men who take extra advantage of this 4 marriage thing n are totally driven away by young attractive girls n orefer them over the mother of their childern.on the other hand tuba amir knew amir liaqat had a wife n kids… she is an example of women who break marriages to settle these into a marriage. see what goes are comes around tuba.. beware of ur end too.

  4. Children alwx suffer when parents do such things amir liaqat should have understand feelings of his daughter he should sit and make his children understand about the matter or providing equal treatment to both of wives with his new wife he is completely doing chichora behaviour and that reason would killing his children innerly. tooba is your wife but iflt does not mean to forget ur children

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