Meesha Shafi speaks about her sexual harassment case against Ali Zafar in first TV appearance


After a day filled with responses and rebuttals by both Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi’s legal teams regarding their ongoing controversial sexual harassment battle, the latter has now made her first appearance on television after the alleged incident.

Speaking on a telecast of a talk show on a private television channel, Shafi spoke about her case in detail and mentioned how the alleged harassment had taken place more than once. She also spoke about how she tried to not speak up about the issue initially when the first incident had taken place for the sake of both families, but she spoke up when she ‘couldn’t stay quiet any longer.’

The singer, who mainly countered the questions levied on her by Ali on Sunday during a live telecast on the same private channel, also reacted to the ‘Rockstar’ singer’s emotional television appearance and commented on the suffering she has also faced.

“I have faced similar pressures, but you would probably not see me crying about them because when I decided to speak up against this and made this choice, I knew the pressures I will have to face and the risks I will have to take,” Meesha said.

The singer added that she knew the repercussions she and her family would have to face.

“I knew what could and did happen with my family. It’s not like that one year was a vacuum where I didn’t face anything, I have gone through a vicious year in the public eye and my character was assassinated. I bore through it all because I knew change is difficult and a new thing would receive resistance.”

The singer also clarified about trending hashtags on social media, where Zafar’s supporters have used #FaceTheCourtMeesha against her.

“I was surprised by all the conspiracies that I have heard about all that has taken place and this hashtag also seems to be just an addition to it. I think it’s quite manipulated, and it’s trying to troll and gain traction,” she said. “I haven’t been saying anything, but I thought everyone knew what was happening to me. Just to end this, the court has never called me, the day it does, I’ll go. It’s an absolutely incorrect statement.”

The full interview can be seen here.



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