#PawriHoraiHai Breaks The Internet With Hilarious Memes & Recreations!


If you haven’t seen the iconic ‘humari pawri ho rahi hai’ video circulating on social media, you’re probably living under a rock!

Influencer Dananeer Moobin and her ‘pawri’ has taken the social media by storm with this video that went viral in a matter of a few hours:

The hashtag #PawriHoraiHai has been one of the too trends on twitter since yesterday and netizens are having the time of their lives making memes and recreating the video!

Hahaha, love this!

Even the politicians couldn’t keep themselves out of it:

People were throwing shade at Abhinandan and the pawrie he was supposed to have:

We can literally watch this on repeat all day!

Karachi in a nutshell:

CA waalon ke bhi apne dukh hain:

The video even made to Yashraj Mukhate and here’s the mix:

Shoot your shot, bros:

Engineers not coming slow either:

Himmat hai:


Yar 😂😭😂😭😂

Haha, 10/10 can relate!



Bohat dukh hua:

Sucks to be you!

Pawri karo yar:

And we’re not the only ones enjoying these videos, Dananeer herself has been loving the memes and recreations, and with the amount of entertainment she’s gotten us this year, we can clearly see this ted talk coming to life soon:

What did you guys about the recreations? Let us know in the comments below!


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