Kami Sid Breaks Barriers as Official Trans Model for Hum Showcase Fashion Week

Photo Credits: @fahhadrajper and instagram

This April, yet another prejudice is going to be shattered by none other than the trans model, spokesperson and actress Kami Sid as she prepares to walk the Hum Showcase Fashion Week ramp this month alongside the top female models of Pakistan.

Hum Showcase is one of the biggest, most prestigious and most anticipated events of the year and to be walking a ramp this big is an achievement in itself.

Kami Sid breaks barriers for breakfast and is not your typical trans woman. She runs an organisation in Karachi promoting the rights and well-being of transgenders and sexual minorities and through her work, she hopes to gain visibility for the trans people in Pakistan. Kami Sid indeed is the changing face of Pakistan, you go diva!

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