Transgender activist & model Kami Sid accused of rape, she denies


In a shocking turn of events, transgender activist and model, Kami Sid has been accused of rape and by other members of the trans community and rights activists, who have alleged that she and her boyfriend, have been involved in raping another member of the trans community.

The news was initially broken by activist Muhammad Salman Khan, who took to Facebook to reveal his side of the story.

For the first time in years and that too at great personal risk I will be making this public that a well known activist…

Posted by Sal Khan on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Muhammad Moiz, who is better known through his drag-name Miss P. Chatni, also shared his beliefs against Kami Sid on Facebook.

“I investigated the case in 2015 because I was looking after the organization remotely, for technical assistance, where Kami was working and from where she took a minor runaway trans* girl home and raped her with her boyfriend,” he wrote. “There is a reason I have always refused to share any panel where she is also a guest. ”

Trigger Warning: r/pe, murder, child abuseRead the original post below. I investigated the case in 2015 because I was…

Posted by Mehrub Moiz Awan on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Now, Kami Sid has refuted the claims and has revealed that such allegations against her have been ‘going on since 2017.’

“A group of people who have been harassing me since 2017” Kami told Diva. “They have levied these allegations against me and they are people who have worked with me or have wanted to work with me, who I turned down. These people create propaganda against me on facebook and I asked one of them on Whatsapp and confronted her. They are from the community.”


Kami, whose short film Rani has been selected for the 72nd Cannes Film Festival and will be screened on Friday, also revealed that she plans to take the allegers to court.

“What can I even say here?” she questioned. “I am going to take them to court and if they believe I have done this, then why don’t they call me to court? Anyone can put this allegation against me, I am an activist, and it’s a thankless job and people try to put things against you. If there’s anything that I will do, is that I will go to court.”

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