5 Stereotypes We Are Tired Of Seeing In Pakistani Dramas!

The last few years have been huge for Pakistan’s television industry and the whopping TRPs are testament to that. However, amongst all the highs the industry has seen, there are some definite lows too – things, which have made the connoisseurs of Pakistani television, question the future of the craft.

From slapping women to sexual abuse being used as pivot points, Instep explores 5 things that need to be taken off Pakistani television waves right now…


Making The Abuser Look Good

Leave it to television screenwriters to make any criminal or abuser look good for the impressionable minded audience that doesn’t think twice about what they’re consuming. Be it narratives about murderers being forgiven and getting their heroine like Khaani or abusers getting away with crimes such as Saba Qamar and Zahid Ahmed starrer Sangat, there’s a desperate need for some stereotypes to be swept away soon!


The Bholi Bhali Larki

Remember the time when television plays didn’t just revolve around the story of the quirky girl next door whose only wish was to find true love? Apparently a lot of writers and producers don’t. Numerous TV dramas have revolved around the same theme, including popular ones like Ghar Titli Ka Par, Mera Khuda Janay, and Khamoshi, amongst so many others! We wonder if the new generations will even know that there was more to television such as shows like Dhoop Kinare and Tanhaiyaan!.


The Devil Of A Saas

The evil mother-in-law may exist lesser and lesser in reality, but it seems that television is sticking to this stereotype strongly. Apparently, the mother is so insecure of her own son finding happiness that she can’t help but destroy things around him. If that isn’t enough, the lifelong campaign to ruin reputations is apparently the only thing the Saas exist for in the world of Pakistani plays. Remember Ashar’s mother, essayed by Atiqa Odho, in the super hit drama Humsafar? Yeah, we have had enough of it.


The Bechari Larki

A stereotype our shows just can’t seem to get out of is of course an age-old one –the victim. It is the easiest hackneyed thing to put in the screenplay, it seems. Women are made into cookie-cutter examples of those who despite being in unhappy marriages, abusive relationships and torturous families accept their fate with a smile. If this wrongful glorification of abuse for TRPs isn’t ruining television, then what is? Tumse Hi Taluq Hai, Khamoshi, Lamhe and Mere Khudaya are some that just boiled our blood!


The Crazy In Love Hero

Many shows have have tried to work and change this stereotype the most, but unfortunately, it’s getting worse. Using problematic premises to introduce the future ‘knights in shining armours’ to the audience, the obsessive lovers are often shown through villainous ways in the start, who then go crazy on a scale of buying love through money to actually murdering their heroine’s family members. However, like magic, all they needed were a romantic fantasy to change their minds, and boom, they reform!



Which stereotype are you done with? Tell us in the comment section below.

  1. Excuse me, do you know what was humsafar khani and sangat drama these were the blockbuster dramas of the year .mohabbat tujhe alvida jaisi ghatiya aur cheap aur fazool triangular Dramas ko khatam karne ki zaroora hai .pakistan old dram were best and now a days dramas are getting cheaper and cheaper day by day.😡😡😡

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