Ertugrul’s Halima Sultan‘s Instagram Pictures Have Pakistanis Losing Their Mind!

Turkish series on Ertugrul Gazi has taken Pakistanis by storm, from kids to elders and even celebrities, everyone’s obsessed with it!And one of the most loved characters, Halima Sultan, played by Esra Bilgiç has sparked massive outrage amongst the moral brigade who have been losing their minds over a seemingly harmless Instagram picture:

And boy are they disappointed!From fans to haters in one milisecond!People were questioning her religion: Ummmm?

The comments have been circulating all over social media, and people have a lot to say!

Some weren’t surprised at the outrage:

Chahtay kya ho lougon?




Ooof, the shade!

People found the entitlement to be hilarious!

Reality check:

Haha, talk about loving your job!

Some suggested that the state issues an apology on behalf of it’s citizens:


Some found it straight up embarrassing:

What do you think about the way Pakistanis have reacted? Let us know in the comments below!



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