Ducky Bhai Calls Tiktokers Cringy & Talentless, & People Are Coming For Him!

As India puts a ban on Tiktok app, Pakistanis are suggesting that we do the same here.

And among one of the people favoring the decision happens to be the Youtuber Ducky Bhai. Taking to twitter he shared how if Pakistan was to ban the lip syncing app, less cringy and talented people can join YouTube:

He indirectly called the Tiktok community talent-less and cringy in his tweet and people are just not having it!


People wanted him to take a good look at his own content!

People were finding his statement ironic!

Some accused him of copying an Indian YouTuber:

The shade!


Haha 😂

The tweet back fired real bad!

People who weren’t fans of Tiktok also came to defend the creators:

Some had questions!

Some shared how they preferred Tiktok content over his content:

Ouch, that was savage!

Apparently he’s a ‘RoAsTeRr’

People were questioning the standard of his content!

People wanted him to know that if he can use Youtube, so can others:

Irony is probably in stitches!

Whoa x 3:

Some presented the same situation with Youtube being banned:

Some were hopeful that the app would do wonders if groomed:

What do you think about Ducky Bhai’s dig at Tiktokers? Let us know in the comments below!

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