Pakistanis Moral Police Ertugrul’s Engin Altan For Having A Dog & It’s Embarrassing!

Someone, take the internet away from the moral police because things are getting out of hands now! First Ertugrul’s Halima Sultan played by Esra Bilgiç was moral policed over her clothes and now the very Ertugrul himself, Engin Altan Düzyatan is being policed for having a dog, A DOG!

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Ve Hera büyür..

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On a picture that dates back to April 2015, Pakistanis are disappointed because Engin has a dog, and how dare he!


Umm, okay?


Some tried mirroring the comments with sarcasm:


The comments made it to twitter in no time and people had a lot to say:


Agreed, a 100%




Many were embarrassed:


Haha, the shade!


People were thrown off by the image it was creating globally:


Many were worried that the Turks might be regretting it:


The debate in the comment section had people worried:


Lol, some had telenor to blame!


Spot on!


Haha, people were appalled at the entitlement:


Some found the comments to be disgraceful:


They spare no one:


Just in case he wasn’t clear about being a Pakistani:


Can’t wait!


Bus idhar udhar nikal jaatay hain:


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