Hania Aamir’s Video With Wajahat Brothers Sparks Controversy & Netizens Want People To Mind Their Own Business!

A now-deleted video posted by Hania Aamir had trolls in fits and they had nothing better to do than spew hate over it!

In a video where Hania Aamir was seen playfully lying over Aashir Wajahat with Nayel Wajahat by her side trying to cheer up Aashir, the harmless video faced a lot of flak and people had the most disgusting things to say!

People found the encounter to be cringeworthy:

People were throwing shade at her:

Same old question 🤦‍♀️


What even?

With all the unnecessary hate and criticism flowing in, netizens took to Twitter to tell these trolls off!


Girl be spillin’ truth bombs!

People were disgusted at the trolls:

People were just so done with these trolls:

People were disappointed!

Jo baat hai!



Yes, please 🙏

Okay, there were some genuinely funny memes too!

And in the end, here’s what Hania wants her haters to know 💞

Do you think the hate Hania gets for being herself is justified? Let us know in the comments below!

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