APS Attack Survivor Waleed Khan Wants People To Stop Comparing Him & Malala & His Mature Take Is Winning The Internet!

Malala Yousafzai has always been a topic of debate for the Pakistanis. And especially after appearing on the cover of Vogue, the Nobel Prize winner has been getting love and hate simultaneously as the internet stands divided on her stance on marriage, Palestine and Dupatta.

To prove their point, people have been comparing the APS attack survivor Waleed Khan and Malala.

Having had enough of the comparisons, Waleed took to Twitter to request people to stop comparing the two. He also shared that he understands the comparison stems from a place of love that people have for him, but it needs to stop.

His tweets have gathered quite the reaction on Twitter, and here’s what people have to say:

People were in awe of his mature response:

People shared how the comparison was uncalled for:

Malala’s father lauded the young man and assured him that they were a family:



People were proud to see his upbringing:

People too, were fed up with the comparisons:

People had hope for the upcoming generation:

People were sending prayers to both:


People were amazed at the way he handled the situation:

People were sharing how the two of them are a great source of inspiration to young Pakistanis:


And while many were moved by his response, others weren’t too convinced:

What do you think about people dragging Waleed and making baseless comparisons? Let us know in the comments below!

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