Aashir & Nayel Wajahat Get Bullied For Their New Single ‘Kyun’

Following his passion for music, Aashir Wajahat released his new single called ‘Kyun’ featuring his brother Nayel Wajahat and Tiktok-famed Romaisa Khan in the video:

And while the song gathered mixed reviews on Youtube, twitterati weren’t all that forgiving. Here’s what they had to say:

People had found their way around it:

People wanted Shamoon Ismail to watch his back:

People were also sharing the age-old jokes of recovering from a grave illness only to turn the song off:

People did not take the song seriously!

People were throwing shade at the boy for protecting against exams:

People thought his entry into music was a result of nepotism:

People weren’t too happy:


Still a bright side!

People found their reactions within the MV:

Uh oh:

People had strong opinions!


People wanted physical classes to be resumed asap!

People felt that new artists have started sounding the same:

Deep pockets? 👀

People were missing the true music king:

Why do you believe in sending songs to someone you hate in the first place?

People were rude:

People didn’t approve of his vocals:

People had their own interpretations of the video:


People were suggesting ways to control the damage:


People had advice for Wajahat Rauf:

And while majority of the comments were full of hate, some didn’t know why:

Shots were fired!

Jo baat hai!

What do you think about Kyun? Let us know in the comments below!

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