ViewMaster Takes Netizens Back To The Good Old Days But Confuses Gen Z!

There’s something about nostalgia that is just so comforting, and we often find our fellow tweeple talk about all things nostalgic.

A fellow user on Twitter shared the iconic ViewMaster and how we used to love it back in the days!

Oh, the memories!


We know right?

People were sharing how they still have it!

The real MVP!

All of us!

People fondly remembered their grandfathers getting it for them:

Ah, mandatory Hajj/Umrah souvenir:


The OG VR/AR technology!

And while others were enjoying the nostalgia, Gen Z was… Confused!

Some thought they were coasters 😂

Some took it for an eye shadow palette 😂

Yar 😂


The millennials knew it well:

Do you remember ViewMaster? What reels did you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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