People Are Loving This Guy’s Thread On Male Self Esteem And The Struggles!

Is ‘manning up’ really as easy as it sounds? This guy’s thread on self esteem and the pressures of being a certain way is hitting close to home for many men out there:

His thread starts off with the baseline requirements for every desirable man:

And goes to body shaming and expecting grow thicker skin:

To not being man enough:

He also empathizes with women and how they have it way worse:

He talks about these beauty standards being born out of toxic masculinity:

He concludes his thread on how he has accepted himself for what it is:

And encourages all the kings to be their very best!

The thread has caused quite the stir on Twitter, with many men agreeing with him:

People were thanking him for speaking up:


Can’t believe it’s 2020 and gender roles still exist!

People were proud of him for sharing his journey:

This notion needs to stop!

Yaaas, you the kings!

It was the best thing some had read all day:

Sad, but true!

And while many people agreed with him, others just went on to prove the point he was trying to make:

Some strongly disagreed:

What do you think about the pressures on men being a certain way? Let us know in the comments below!

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