There Are 3 Types Of Pakistani Fans On Every Esra Bilgic Photo & We’re Dying At The Accuracy!

Ever since Ertugrul gained popularity in Pakistan, people have been obsessed with the lead characters and there’s just no stopping them!

And a recent Instagram post by Esra Bilgic explains it all:

A girl on Twitter pointed out 3 types of Pakistani fan comments that you’ll find on almost every picture and the netizens are appalled at the aptness!

Every damn time!

Right here 😂

Lmaoooo 😂

Boy is poetic:

Omg yes!

We like him too!



Batao Esra!

Haha, absolutely!

‘We will surprise you:’

That’s one way to put it:

True 😔

And then you call us ‘phuphos’

Baat toh sach hai:


Woh toh hai:

What do you think about the Pakistanis moral policing Esra Bilgic on almost all her pictures? Let us know in the comments below!

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