Pakistani Brands Signing International Stars: Celebrities & Netizens Stand Divided!

One of the largest smartphone marketing brand in Pakistan broke the news of Esra Bilgic being theit new brand ambassador, and the Ertugrul fandom just couldn’t contain it’s excitement!

However, the excitement was cut short by differing opinions that people had on signing an international celebrity rather than the local ones. Starting with Yasir Hussain, the man had questions whether a Pakistani brand should have a Pakistani ambassador versus an international ambassador:

He then continued to ask if none of the leading ladies were capable enough to be the brand ambassador for local brands:


Yasir’s opinion soon became the talk of the town and he had Minal Khan’s support right away!


Other celebrities, however, weren’t on board with what Yasir had to say. Bilal Ashraf pointed out how art has no boundaries:


Agha Ali too welcomed the stance with open arms:


In the comments section, Anoushey Ashraf too graced us with her positive outlook on the situation:


To explain the technical side of how brands work, designer Umar Sayeed too gave his 2 cents:


Actress Rabya Kulsoom too shared how she doesn’t find anything wrong in signing international talent:

Apart from these celebrities, the netizens too found themselves on board with the decision to sign internarional celebrities and had a lot to say regarding Yasir’s opinion:

Some were calling out on the hypocrisy:

Many called him out for creating a divide:

Some called Minal Khan out on supporting Yasir Hussain:

And while many were disagreeing with Yasir and his stance, some agreed!

And while everyone had their 2 cents to add to the fire, Iqra Aziz became the saving grace and asked people to stop pointing fingers at each other and learn to disagree:


What do you think about this whole situation? Let us know in the comments below!

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