People demand tik tok to be banned in Pakistan

Tik Tok is one of the most popular apps amongst the youth these days, so popular that last year it was the most downloaded app in the app stores for Google and Apple, beating apps like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

However, only recently there have been a number of complains about people misusing the Tik Tok app for pornographic purposes and exploiting children. Many users were angry on their videos being used inappropriately by other users. There are also some media reports about users getting disturbing comments, such as asking for private contact information or to have the user post provocative images. And people uploading videos of random girls in their colleges, on the roads etc without their permission to do so.

People have also been concerned that the application is a waste of time for the youth and the amount of time that they actually waste on creating a 30 second video for likes and shares is insane. Also, the app is also being used by people of all ages and the content is absolutely trash!

Another major complain happens to be the creation of unethical, hateful and inappropriate videos that have hurt the religious sentiments of many around Pakistan. In an attempt to bring this issue to the authorities’notice, people started trending the #BanTikTok hasthag on Twitter and oh boy were they angry!

Honestly, this reckless behavior needs to end right here

It’s easy to blame technology for everything

Exactly, entertainment tak theek tha but people need to learn to respect other people’s privacy


Some think that banning the app isn’t the solution but educating the youth is

One of the users has even set up a poll to see what others think

Some people believe that other apps along with Tik Tok should be banned too!

Many came forward to share how the app is a hazard to the users

Well, agreed, it’s the users who should be blamed

And some people were against the ban

Some actually made pretty valid points in Tok Tok’s favor

A lot of people tagged PEMRA in their tweets as well for necessary action to be taken

The issue isn’t just limited to Pakistan but even the United States wants it banned…

We may not completely agree with the ban, but it would be great if the app developers tried monitoring violations and catered to complains of the platform being misused seriously. With that being said, we also need to keep an eye on our children and what they’re doing on the internet. Children need counseling and monitoring. You’ll ban one app, another app with similar features will pop up the next day how many apps can you possibly ban? It’s time we teach and counsel our children on what’s appropriate and what isn’t.

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