10 Times Gaurav Gera Made Us LOL With His Pakistan-Centric Content!

Gaurav Gera is a renowned name for anyone who has been following Indian content on television in the past few decades, and an even bigger icon for those who discovered him as everyone’s favourite girl, Chutki who just couldn’t stop saying ‘Shopkeeper’ on Instagram!

He’s a riot to watch, and truly, an innovative star who has tickled our funny bones on social media like no one else in the last few years! But, did you know he has so much more hilarious content that he’s added a Pakistani angle to?

From his love for his neighbouring country to the way he hilariously captures the essence of Pakistani content, here are Diva’s fave videos from Gaurav Gera we’re so not getting over…


His Chai Wala Stint

Our chai wala was a total hottie, and Gaurav couldn’t help but agree!



His Naye Kapre Conundrum

Who else but Gaurav could make this famous Pakistani ghazal turn into this moment of hilarity?



His Ode To Lollywood

Lollywood has some great boppers, and Chutki agrees!


His Zaalima Coca Cola Moment

Chutki is a Madam Noor Jehan fan too!


His Pakistani Punjabi Film Dialogues Rehash!

Learn it from Gaurav and Mona Singh (our fave Jassi) to make this dialogue super hilarious!


His Some Say I Am Sweety Moment

Chutki just made our favourite Lollywood number even better!


His Jeeto Pakistan Love

What we wouldn’t give for Gaurav to do this live on Jeeto Pakistan with Fahad Mustafa!


His Continuing Obsession With Lollywood Hits

Don’t Be Silly makes perfect sense when it’s silly multiplied tenfold with Gaurav!



His Hina Dilpazeer Fan Moment

We all love Hina Dilpazeer, and it only makes us glow more when comedians like Gaurav appreciate her brilliance on that side of the border too!


His Love For The Slain Qandeel Baloch

Chutki's Mom – Temperature ! #chutkismom #chutki #shopkeeper #QandeelBaloch #gauravgera #gotohell #temperature #fever #dubsmash

Posted by Gaurav Gera on Monday, September 14, 2015

We all loved Qandeel Baloch’s antics, and so did Gaurav! Imagine what both of them could have done if she was alive today!


Which video is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below.

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