Here’s Everything That’ll Make You Say “Ye Pagalpan Kya Hai?” And It’s Spot On!

Every now and then you come across something that makes you scream internally “ye kya pagalpan hai,” and today the internet is sharing everything that makes them feel this way, and it’s hilarious but yet a 100 percent relatable!

A whole new level of inception!



10/10 can relate!

Covid bhi sochta hoga, kahan agaya?

For real!

We all have that one friend:

Yar, what is this?

The disbelief!

So true 😭


The look of sheer horror on her face!

And then asking for a ‘khush-khabri:’

Is this a classroom or a fish market? 😡

Yeah, why though?

Are we a joke to you unfollowers?

Sorry maa!

Permissun toh lena chahiye na:

What is this behaviour, child?

The addiction is real 😭

Followed by a lecture later on:

What are the things that make you say ye pagalpan kya hai? Let us know in the comments below!

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