Abdullah Seja, Imran Abbas, Mohsin Abbas and others disappointed over LSA nominations

The list for the Lux Style Awards 2019 was revealed earlier last week, and people had a lot of opinions. Mohsin Abbas Haider took to social media to share his disappointment about Meri Guriya not being nominated, adding that it’s “very disrespectful” to the entire team for not being acknowledged.

Mohsin gathered a lot of support and praise from the fans who also thought that Meri Guriya should have been nominated. They also assured Mohsin that he didn’t need no award because he was a winner in his fan’s eyes’.

After reading what Mohsin Abbas Haider had to say, Sadiq Saleem then took it to Instagram, because everyone thinks they’re relevant these days.

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Dear #MohsinAbbasHaider , It's ok to share disappointments publicly but you must draw the line somewhere. You are pretty much becoming the #KanganaRanawat of Lollywood. Good actor but zero PR or media management skills. If I recall correctly, You were one of the youngest to host the LSAs with Mahira Khan some 6 or 7 years ago with the 4 Man Show guys. On the same platform you have performed more than once. Just because you felt that your project has been snubbed you went all out and started accusing the platform of recurring prejudice. We all want our work to be recognized or appreciated but one must follow the decorum. You are a star who has the ability/opportunity to inspire millions. But in the last one year you have brought your dirty laundry out like no other. Be it your personal life such as the tiff with your in-laws or your professional issues. Btw the whole world thought that #EmilyBlunt will be nominated for Oscars for A Quiet Place but it was not the case. Obviously she did not cry out loud on social media because in a way you are questioning the jury's credibility. Also, Gabbar (Amjad Khan) from Sholay was never nominated. Yet he is the most relevant benchmark whenever we talk about Villianous characters. You are talented and loved by many. One just needs to give his best. And yours is yet to come. InshaAllah. With due respect -Sadiq Saleem. #luxstyleAwards #MohsinAbbasHaider @luxstylepk

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To which Mohsin Abbas Haider gave a few befitting replies in the comments.

Abdullah Seja also posted how unhappy he was with the LSA nominees and had questions on why some of the best aired content was not included in the nominees and was clearly overlooked by the jury.

First of all congratulations to all the nominees for lux style awards. However I would like to pose a few questions…

Posted by Abdullah Seja on Saturday, March 30, 2019

Faysal Qureshi too, joined the comment section

And so did Imran Abbas

Others joined in support too!

What do you think about LSA’s jury this year? Let us know in the comments below

  1. How come they didn’t nominate teefa’s songs and koi chand rakh’s ost! Chalo award na mile khair hogayi but not even acknowledged? Plus, Mohsin had played such risky role and was much deserved, but not even nominated?

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