LSA 2019: Here’s who we think will and should take the fashion awards home!

LSA 2019

Despite all the controversies attached to it this year, we’re finally at a place where the Lux Style Awards are just a month away! And that naturally means it’s time to do some predictions over who’s going to be taking the coveted trophy home, and who’s going to be facing some disappointment.

We had it tough this year – since many names felt like deserving nominees and a few were missing from the list who definitely would have made LSA 2019 something to really watch out for.

That said, there can be only one deserving winner for each category from the names we’ve been given and out of them, here’s what we predict…

See if you agree with team Diva’s predictions…


Model of the year (Female)

LSA 2019

Anam Malik, Fahmeen Ansari, Sadaf Kanwal, Zara Abid, and Rubab Ali

This category is hotly contested each year, and this time, of course, it’s no different, albeit with a bit of controversy as Rubab Ali walked out. There’s a mixed bag of nominees that includes the Numero Uno like Sadaf Kanwal, who’s unparalleled, the dusky Anam Malik and the gorgeous Fahmeen Ansari, who both create strong editorials, and the sultry Zara Abid, who the camera, the brands and the ramp equally love.

Which diva will take home the award? It’s going to be tough to guess!

But, here’s our take:

Will Win: Anam Malik
Should Win: Zara Abid
Missing in Action: Giti Ara

Model of the year (Male)

LSA 2019Champ Imi, Aimal Khan, Hasnain Lehri, and Shahzad Noor

This category is definitely one that is underrated, but the bodacious boys nominated this year definitely are giving each other a tough competition. In the established, we have Hasnain Lehri, who’s been under the radar this year with not much to show and Shahzad Noor, who keeps venturing in and out of television, whereas in the young blood we have Champ Imi from London. With Aimal being a prominent face for almost all the major menswear brands this year and walking the ramp for all the major shows there’s simply no competition left in this category.

So, what do we think?

Will Win & Should Win: Aimal Khan

Achievement in Fashion Design (Bridal Couture)

LSA 2019Élan, Faraz Manan, Kamiar Rokni, Nida Azwer, and Shehla Chatoor

Bridal Couture always is the most coveted award in the fashion category at the LSAs and it has the biggest names of the industry fighting for it. This year, it could be anyone’s game. There are big names like Élan, Faraz and Shehla who have shown their collections to roaring applause and captured their clientele with their timeless bridals, and then there’s the individualistic Kamiar and Nida, who have their own niche client list carved out for them.

Whoever wins, we hope keeps making the traditional classics we have grown to love.

So, what do we think?

Will win: Élan
Should Win: Shehla Chatoor
Missing in Action: Nomi Ansari & Sana Safinaz

Achievement in Fashion Design (Menswear)

Fahad Hussayn, HSY, Jazib Qamar, Republic by Omar Farooq, and Deepak & Fahad

Designers come and go, but truly the only memorable ones manage to be those who we love – and these nominations prove that. There are two types of designers on the list here, though.  We have names like Republic by Omar Farooq, who shows a classic approach to menswear and HSY, who shows craft in his pure menswear capsules, and then there’s those who experiment like Deepak & Fahad, whose collections are usually idea-driven and fashion-forward, Jazib Qamar who likes playing with his design sensibilities and goes crazy with ideas, and Fahad Hussayn, who loves mixing the traditional with his own contemporary outlook of fashion.

So, who will win? The traditionally classic or the unique and contemporary?

Will Win & Should Win: Republic by Omar Farooq

Achievement in Fashion Design (Prêt)

Generation, Chapter 2, Élan, Sana Safinaz, and Zara Shahjahan

Prêt has the most power in all the fashion design categories out there and at LSA 2019 the competition is truly a clash of design sensibilities. On one corner we have Generation (which has dropped out) and Zara Shahjahan, who have shown some strong social campaigns and ode to heritage, whereas on the other we Sana Safinaz, Chapter 2 and Élan, who have stuck to what they do best. Will the side that works the audience wins or the one that entices the elite?

So, what do we think?

Will and Should Win: Chapter 2

Achievement in Fashion Design (Luxury Prêt)

Misha Lakhani, Sania Maskatiya, Shehla Chatoor, Hussain Rehar, and Sana Safinaz

For those who love the balance between ready-to-wear and couture these designers create, there’s the Luxury prêt category. On one side there are giant brands like Sana Safina and Shehla Chatoor, whose A-lister clientele should tell you about their strong luxury sensibilities and their magnetism, while on the other there’s Sania Maskatiya and Misha Lakhani, who both have loyal customer lists to boast and have proven their business of fashion works for them. There’s also a new addition like the out-of-the-box Hussain Rehar competing with the boss women and it’s going to be interesting to see how that fares out.

So, what do we think?

Will Win: Sania Maskatiya
Should Win: Sana Safinaz
Missing in Action: Zaheer Abbas

Best Fashion Photographer

MHM Photography, Rizwan Ul Haq, Ashna Khan, Stop Style, and Alee Hassan

This year we see major names on the list and that’s always a great sign. There’s Rizwan Ul Haq, whose editorials are always at par with international shoots and therefore have made him a major player versus popular names like Alee Hassan, who does great editorials and concept photography, Ashna Khan, who is known for his unique concepts and mixes art with fashion, MHM, whose editorials are something to watch out for and Stop Style, who show their strengths with concepts that are at par with all of their competition.

It’s a tough one, but isn’t that what it should be about?

So what do we think?

Will Win: Ashna Khan
Should Win: Alee Hassan
Missing in Action: Abdulla Haris and Shahbaz Shazi

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Best Hair and Make-up Artist

Sunil Nawab, Shoaib Khan, Qasim Liaqat, Saima Bargfrede, and Fatima Nasir

This category saw its fair share of names pulling out at LSA 2019, and that’s never a good sign. If the nominations still included Fatima Nasir and Saima Bargfrede, there would have been a competition. But for now, between Sunil Nawab, who’s starting to become a name people know for his creation of strong looks, Shoaib Khan, who had a great year collaborating with photographer Alee Hasan with his demure make-up skills, and the last year’s LSA & HSA winner Qasim Liaqat, whose make-up skills have created unique looks for editorials, it’s going to be a possible victory for the latter.

So, what do we think?

Will Win and Should Win: Qasim Liaqat

Best Emerging Talent in Fashion (0-3 Yrs.)

LSA 2019Mushk Kaleem, Roshanay Afridi, Munsif Ali Khan, Eman Suleman, and Hamza Baande (photography)

One thing missing out in this category at LSA 2019 is that there is no fashion designer amongst the names in emerging talent! However, from those whose names we do have, Eman Suleman has pulled out her nomination and therefore, the competition is between four names. There’s Hamza Baande, who has given us some great conceptual editorials and photography where he’s intertwined social cause and fashion, Mushk Kaleem, who brought the house down with her walk on the runway last year and was the face of almost every brand, and Munsif and Roshanay, who are quickly carving their niche with the brands that they have worked with on and off the runway.

It’s a toughie, but who do we think will win?

Will Win: Hamza Baande
Should Win: Mushk Kaleem


Who do you think will be the winners at LSA 2019? Tell us in the comment section below.

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