#10YearsOfHumsafar: Fans Celebrate One Of The Most Iconic Dramas Of Pakistan

Apart from the classics on PTV, if there’s one drama that quite literally and truly revived the drama industry in Pakistan, it’s Humsafar!

Our very own Humsafar that started it all turns ten, and fans have taken to Twitter to celebrate #10YearsOfHumsafar and it’s quite the trip down the memory lane!


Some shared what the drama taught them:

Jo baat hai!

Absolutely, an OST that is in a league of its own!

Hahaha, this was literally all of us:

Nothing like Humsafar:


People were thanking Hum TV and Farhat Ishtiaq for giving them Humsafar:

Oof, those days!



Where’s the lie?

I swear!

Fans were sharing their favourite scenes:

The heart, so full 🥺


What a journey it’s been!


Fans from across the border were celebrating too!

Ours too, sis!

Hahaha, can’t argue with that!

People were sharing how the show was an absolute treat to watch!

Do you miss Humsafar? Let us know in the comments below!

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