Wasim Akram Shuts Down Trolls & Moral Police In The Most Savage Way!

Celebrities get trolled everyday, someone somewhere always has a problem with a little something that they post. And they’re often told to ignore the trolls, but Wasim Akram isn’t one for ignoring the trolls and he’s decided to come right back at them in the most savage way possible!

In a video that he posted to Instagram in an attempt to share his fitness routine in a swimming pool had people moral policing him on being shirtless:

And Wasim Akram has a message for them all!

And people are living for his savage video reply:

His wife Shaniera had suggestions:

Fakhr-e-Alam was looking forward to his ghagra pictures:

Even Ali Zafar couldn’t resist:

People were feeling bad for the trolls who just got trolled:



What a shot!

People wanted him to continue motivating others with his fitness routines:

Haha, yes and we love it!

People were living for the tri-lingual message:

A legend in every way!

Way to go Wasim Bhai!

2 rupees trolls 😂


Day was made:

He’s great at it!

We know right?

What do you think about Wasim Akram’s savage come back? Let us know in the comments below!

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