Clip Of A Lively Girl Named Nimra Is Breaking The Internet & People Are Showering Her With All The Love!

The past 2 weeks have been straight up stressful, and to lighten up the mood, we present to you Nimra, the young and chirpy girl who absolutely loved being on TV with lots of stories to tell!

And the internet is just vibing with her energy and confidence:

Singer Shehzad Roy loved it too!

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People were finding it to be wholesome:

We know right?

People were sending love and prayers her way:

The video also reached Indian twitter and they’ve been calling her the real life Geet from Jab We Met:

People were loving the matching outfits:

People were thoroughly enjoying it!

Some were wishing how they wish every girl is like her:



Okay, wow!

Think about it!

It is!

We hope so too!

A true queen!

People were calling her an icon!

We love the host!

Yes please!

People just couldn’t get enough!

It goes without saying:

People were happy that there were good things being said about Lahoris:

People were glad that the video was receiving love:


Isn’t Nimra a total gem? Let us know in the comments below!

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