Veena Malik tried bashing the Aurat March but it backfired!

The Aurat March that took place on 8th March this month has triggered a lot of people. I mean, women standing up for their rights? Haww haye! Ever since the Aurat March took place, there have been a lot of opinions pouring in. The attendees themselves have faced a lot of trolling and hate for standing up for themselves.

Amidst the raging sea of opinions, Veena Malik dropped hers too, because she’s just so relevant…

Here’s what Veena Malik tweeted:

The problem with Aurat March was that all the sensational posters went viral, instead of the actual issues that were discussed at length at the march. People were triggered at the viral posters and women having the time of their lives. If only these people could be triggered with domestic violence, rapes, underage marriages and the harassment that women face everyday in their lives. People did not spare Veena. Shots were immediately fired.


Yaaaas girl!


A trip down the memory lane is always important!


And even Shaan wasn’t spared!

A little bit of Ashmit Patel was also mentioned


On point!


Someone had to burst her bubble, and they did it well!


It came as a shock to people that Veena Malik being a woman herself was bashing the Aurat March, umm, what?

Some people thought it was necessary to remind Veena of how the same women she’s bashed, came out to help her in the past when she did a shoot. A lot of people jumped in and started posting old and inappropriate pictures of her.

And while Veena Malik was being tweeted and taunted on her past, the same women that she bashed in her tweet stood up for her by discouraging others to dwell on her past. And that my friends, is what true feminism is. Women being there for each other, women speaking out against harassment and bullying, women who stand by each other despite there being differences in their thinking. See it for yourself!


And then there were some hopeful ones too!


With that being said, if I were a celebrity I’d rather do my research before dismissing the movement and embarrassing myself, just saying!






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