Qurat ul Ain Baloch thinks real feminists should stop shouting for their rights and people are upset!

With her distinct vocals, Qurat ul Ain Balouch stands unparalleled, and while the singer likes to keep away from controversies, her tweet just landed her in one of the biggest controversies of the week probably! Wanting to share her thoughts on the Aurat March, QB might have chosen the wrong words in a failed attempt to empower the feminists:

And as soon as the tweet reached the masses, it became a topic of debate amongst the netizens:

Fans were disappointed:

People made sure she knew what real feminists do:

Some partially agreed to the work part:

Some weren’t surprised at all:

Some presented her with real questions:

Many thought her tweet reeked of privilege:

Many thought she could have done without tweeting anything at all:

Why 💔


Many were alarmed:

Some actually presented a guide as to why she shouldn’t have tweeted this:



Shots were fired!

Some thought it was a tactic for skyrocketing to fame:

Some were calling her tweet the state of desi uncles:

People couldn’t help:

In other words:

People were calling her out on her selective feminism:

Some saw the opinions on Aurat March to weigh their friends:

People were calling celebrities like her the real problem:

Yeh cheez!

What do you think about QB’s tweet? Let us know in the comments below!

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