Is traditional the new modern today?

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Remember the good ole days? When the weddings were not as elaborate and the shenanigans were minimal? A cute mayoun, mehndi, rukhsati and valeema. Bridal showers and a hundred and one dholkis these days are so tiring anyways.

If there’s one thing that we’re loving these days, it’s the traditional bride trend coming back. And the fact that the target audience is loving it! For our elders it brings back nostalgia and the happy old times when they’d hang out with their cousins, singing tappay, a little bit of kaajal and a Medora lipstick which doubled as a blush and an eye shadow, plain suits paired with mommy’s bharay huay dupattay and the traditional jhumkas, chaand baalis and kaanch ki chooriyan. For the youth, it takes us back to the time we saw and fell in love with what our mommies were wearing. Trying out that ultimate red lipstick when mum wasn’t around and pretending to wear them baalis on our un-pierced earlobes, we’ve all been there at one point in life! And it is really refreshing to see this new take on traditional brides, traditional wear, traditional customs, traditional settings and feels. From everyday lawn to formals and bridals, traditional campaigns are everywhere and we’re about to share with you our absolute favourite ones!

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