Photographer Rizwan Baig resorts to Facebook to share the unpleasant experience working with Mausummery by Huma, brand to take legal action

Rizwan Baig Of Deevees, one of the senior fashion photographers in the fraternity took it to Facebook and posted about the unpleasant experience he had working with Huma from Mausummery by Huma.

Worst Experience of my 19-20 years career With Mausammery by Huma Early makeup call…3 Models … Rabia Chaudhry,…

Posted by Rizwan Baig on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

‘Huma wanted the pictures on 12th and I was adamant to give it on the 13th. My tone may have come off a little harsh as I was upset, for which I then apologized. But after that she stopped taking my calls and replying my messages. She used to reply at 11:45 or 11:15 at night. Gave no response in the middle of the day,’ uttered Rizwan Baig about the situation.

Huma on the other hand is also a seasoned professional who has built a name in the industry through Mausummery. ‘Our legal department will respond to Rizwan on this matter and we would not like to create a social media turmoil out of it,’ says Huma when we asked for her version.

Clients need to realize that the people they hire put in a lot of their time, effort and expertise in doing their work and ghosting on them when it comes to making payments is absolutely unfair. On the other hand, people who offer their services should also leave matters to their legal teams rather than naming and shaming the client in public. We hope both Huma and Rizwan have learnt their respective lessons and will deal any future situations of similar nature with more caution.

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