Living amidst COVID-19, our apprehension towards stepping inside a hospital keeps growing even as the city resumes to normal. However, while trying to protect ourselves from this virus, could we possibly be ignoring other ailments that might have a long-term impact on our lifestyle?

Expecting mothers who perhaps opted to ignore the routinely gynae visits might not be aware of the complications that can happen if these routine check-ups are skipped. Symptoms that come across as insignificant might turn into something bigger if immediate diagnosis and treatment does not happen. Explaining the same, Dr. Rizwana Shoaib, Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician at Karachi’s leading South City Hospital says, “lower abdominal pain can end up in pre-term labour or minor spotting can end up into heavy bleeding.”

Similarly, a pain in the breast can be a cause of something bigger. However, Dr. Kauser Rehman, Consultant Breast Surgeon at South City Hospital explains that breast pain doesn’t always mean the patient has breast cancer. Important to note, breast pain can also be caused by low vitamin D levels or hormones and with prompt investigation, the correct treatment can be done at the right time.

It is important to note that all breast pains or lumps don’t necessarily translate to cancer. South City Hospital’s Senior Breast Surgeon Dr. Rehman explains, “if a patient has a breast lump, they think every lump is cancerous which is not always true. Every lump is not cancerous but examination and diagnosis is vital. That’s simply because that lump in your breast could even be a painful abscess causing discomfort and sleepless nights. Therefore, visit a breast specialist for them to examine and diagnose what you have. A cyst or benign tumour can be rectified and you can be sent back home. However, if God forbid it is cancer, then it’s important to diagnose as early as possible. Early disease detection comes a long way. Which could even mean we might not have to remove the breast and in certain cases, chemo might not be needed. Post op recovery for such patients if great, they can continue with their normal lifestyle.”

Keeping all of this in mind, it is all the more imperative to remember the importance of opting for urgent treatment. If you (or anyone you know) are avoiding visits to the hospital in order to prevent getting infected, don’t forget that delayed treatment can aggravate your ailment and maybe in some cases pose to be fatal. Hospitals like South City Hospital have taken extreme measures and have been following strict protocols to reduce the chance of contracting any hospital acquired infection. South City Hospital has also gone to the extent of creating a dedicated COVID-19 unit which is geographically separated. So, make the right decisions and make sure to visit your preferred ER/ doctor as soon as possible.

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