the netizens want Shoaib Malik out of the team, here’s why.



After a few disappointing performances in the World Cup matches, the netizens are upset with Shoaib Malik and want him out of the team.


The internet was absolutely mad about Shoaib’s performance!


There were some brutal tweets:


There were memes:


A ton of memes:


Needless to say, people were really upset:


Shoaib Malik congratulated the team on beating New Zealand via a tweet but ended up being trolled for his performance in the match:


But people did not spare him:




Uber jokes came in:


Razor jokes too!


Memes were shared:


Fans thanked him for NOT playing:




Sania Mirza Malik too, tweeted after the PakvsNZ match and people came at her with derogatory remarks for her husband:


And people came right back at her:


The meme guy made an appearance too!




There was a ton of sarcasm!


Many thought he should just enjoy his vacations:


Many thanked Shoaib for giving Haris Sohail a chance:


Some bought in the sheesha incident:


There were furious netizens:


And while the Pakistanis were at it, this Indian parody account tried using the ‘agent’ joke on us…


People were ruthless…


And while many were trolling Shoaib Malik there were a few genuine fans who demanded respect for him:


Some shared how they jave been missing him:




Many shared how he still is one of the best players:


Schooled right!


Someone even shared a video of him with his fans:


Many urged that people.stop criticizing him:


Many shared how he is a legend:


People asked for support for every player including Shoaib Malik:


Fans reminded the haters of his previous performances:


Ups and downs are a part of life:




Fans wished him good luck and sent prayers his way:


What do you think about Shoaib Malik’s performance in this World Cup? Let us know in the comments below!

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