England won the World Cup but New Zealand won our hearts

What started off as a boring final, turned into one of the most exciting and exhilarating matches in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019! As the tournament came to a tie with both the teams scoring 241, the match then proceeded to a tie-breaking super over which blew us all away! I mean, it was one heart attack after another no kidding!


But England took home it’s first ever World Cup trophy defeating New Zealand by the finest of the margins and the fans were happy and heart broken at the same time!


The internet was a whirlwind of emotions with every ball bowled, and even though we Pakistanis were out of the tournament since a time, you just can’t take cricket out of us!


A lot of people found the match to be boring initially, but boy oh boy, how tables turn!


People were loving the atmosphere:


Haha, you and us both with a 749298474747 others!


Some requested there be a holiday for us to recover *forwards this to boss*


Baat toh sach hai!




Even seasonal and clueless fans like Piers Morgan couldn’t resist showing their excitement:


And then came the unbelievable over throw that got England the 6 runs they were desperate for, if that isn’t good luck then we don’t know what is!


The 6 runs absolutely turned the tables for England and Twitter lost it!


Even Mahira Khan was losing it:


I swear!


New Zealand put up such a strong performance that people wanted a trophy for both the teams:


Karan Johar too shared how he had been enjoying the match:


Haha, true that!


And as the match came to a tie and entered its super over, the tension was REAL:


Another thing that had the fans wooed was the fact that Jofra Archer had tweeted the same score years earlier:


People were also calling him the ‘Twitter God’

Hahahahaha! 😂

Only to realize this:


The super overs came to a tie too!


But the team that scored more boundaries was the winner:


Shukar hai there was no ‘1992 mei bhi aisa hua tha’ tweets:


Haha for all the British Pakistanis:


This was the greatest story that we’ll live to tell…


What did we do to deserve this fine day?


Many people were mad the the criteria to choose the winning team:



The entire final summed up in one tweet:


And while England won the match, people were all feels for the New Zealand team:




I think NZ losing…


Oh boy…


* cries *


Neither have we!


Absolutely heart breaking!



Smiling through the pain~


There were some bitter Indians too but they were served right….BURNNNNNN!


Moral of the match:


And here’s the best that this World Cup bought with it:


Haha, can we please have the next World Cup in Pakistan? 👀


At the end of the day, you can’t deny that we beat both the teams, WIN!


Divided by borders but united by the love we share for cricket! And while some of us may be upset about the World Cup ending, you have T20s coming up to look forward to!

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