The internet just can’t stop talking about Ind Vs Eng match, thinking it was fixed


Yesterday India played against England and lost, a ton of Pakistanis were rooting for India to beat England. Had India won the match, the chances of Pakistan making it to the semi-finals could have been much better. But team India and their intent was pretty clear from their body language and lack of interest and the internet was not happy about it!


Many knew exact reason why:




Many compared world class.Indian team to that of Lagaan 😂


People thought the team showed zero interest in winning:


People had questions…


Many called it a surgical strike:


Definitely fishy:


People lauded Virat for his acting skills:


Many thought it was a part of a more sinister plan:


People couldn’t get over the fact that the first six was scored after 50 overs:


Aunty Gormint made an appearance:


People claimed that the Indian team was scared of the men in green:


People shared how even the commentators were baffled and in disbelief over a performance so poor:


There were memes:


But none the less, there was hope!

Do you think the match was fixed too? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. May be India and England match was fixed, but surely Indian team is not scarred of Pakistani Cricket team as India already defeated Pakistan in World cup tournament on the 16th of June 2019.

  2. “Yes …P_kistan should not enter finalsfinals” says England vs India match fixing God.
    It should have played well in other matches to enter semees.
    Nice punishment for them for not condemning some bad activities still happening in and out of their country.
    Almighty will give you what you deserve.
    If you want India to win, pray for it to happen in semifinals and finals, not just for a single match that may benefit you.

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